Opening for Congregational (Jama’ah) Prayers (COVID-19) - 03/07/2020

Considering the updated guidance announced by the Government, it is with great pleasure we inform you that InshaAllah from Fajr Salaah on Saturday 4th July 2020 Masjid-e-Umar R.A. will be open for Congregational (Jama’ah) Prayers.

The Masjid will open 15 mins before and close 15 mins after each Salaah.

Salaah times will be as per the timetable.

Please bring your own Musallah (prayer mat) and wear a face covering when attending.

Note: early Fajr Salaah will take place in the downstairs hall at 1.30am

We appreciate your ongoing support, understanding and patience in this regard and kindly request that all attendees to the Masjid comply with the Government guidance and the safety measures put in place.

Please see the following document for detailed guidance and information on the procedures in place.

We continue to pray that Allah SWT, the most compassionate and merciful, makes it easy for everyone and protects the entire Ummah from all types of calamities, Aameen.

Masjid-e-Umar R.A: The Trustees and Committee

Hall Rental

We have two halls available for rental. There is a downstairs hall and an upstairs hall.

The rates are £250 for one hall or £450 for both halls. For bookings / enquiries please e-mail or call us here.


President - Suleman Ukadia
Vice President - Ekbal Patel
General Secretary - Ahmed Bulbulia
Assistant Secretary - Asif Patel
Treasurer - Rizwan Essat
Assistant Treasurer - Saeed Patel
Executive Member - Molana Ismail Bulbulia

Members of the full Committee and their respective functions are listed here.

Madrassah Ta'alimuddin Calendar 2020 - 21

The madrassah ta'alimuddin calendar is available to download here.